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Welcome to the Bangsamoro Codes Consultation Portal!
This portal is designed to give platform to the people for the review of draft key legislations of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region. These priority codes, as provided for in RA 11054, otherwise known as the Bangsamoro Organic Law, shall be passed by the Parliament during the transition period. This website was created to (1) serve as an online resource for experts and interest groups, (2) facilitate public access to legislative documents, and (3) provide an alternative consultative space between the Bangsamoro Transition Authority and its constituents in the new normal. As you explore this site, please feel free to use the consultation forms for your notes, comments, and suggestions. We hope for a consultative approach to encourage feedback and meaningful participation in pursuance of our mandate in the legislation process, in shaa Allah.

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Local Governance Code

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Book I - General Provisions

Book I - General Provisions

Title I: Basic Principles
Title II: Elective Officials
Title III: Human Resources and Development
Title IV: Local School Boards
Title V: Local Health Boards
Title VI: Local Development Councils
Title VII: Local Peace and Order Council
Title VIII: Local Disaster Risk Reduction Council
Title IX: Autonomous Special Economic Zone
Title X: Other Provisions Applicable to Local Government Units
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Book II - Local Taxation and Fiscal Matters

Book II - Local Taxation and Fiscal Matters

Title I: Local Government Taxation
Title II: Real Property Taxation
Title III: Credit Financing
Title IV: Local Fiscal Administration
Title V: Property and Supply Management in the Local Government Units
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Book III - Bangsamoro Constituent Units

Book III - Bangsamoro Constituent Units

Title I: The Barangay

Title II: The Municipality

Title III: The City

Title IV: Parliamentary District

Title V: Legislative District

Title VI: The Province

Title VII: Appointive Local Officials Common to All Municipalities, Cities, and Provinces

Title VIII: Leagues of Local Government Units and Elective Officials

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Book IV - Miscellaneous & Final Provisions

Book IV - Miscellaneous & Final Provisions

Title I: Penal Provisions

Title II: Provisions for Implementation

Title III: Tranistory Provisions

Title IV: Final Provisions

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Electoral Code

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Electoral Code

Electoral Code

Article I - General Provisions

Article II - Bangsamoro Electoral Office

Article III - Registration of Voters

Article IV - Bangsamoro Parliament Political Party Provisions

Article V - Bangsamoro Parliament

Article VI - Campaigning

Article VII - Voting

Article VIII - Accredited Citizen's Arm

Article IX - Voter Education

Article X - Transitory Provisions

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